In conjunction with new writing from a wide number of contemporary poets, Sundial [Compleat] returns to circulation several Punch Press publications while circulating differently and anew several articulated instances of what could arguably be regarded as radical poetic thought — thought that militantly tests, measures and inaugurates varieties of aesthetic engagement against what seems now, in this milieu, ceaselessly unfolding conjunctures of explicitly violent and increasingly unbearable political force. Punch Press publications contained in the volume include: Samantha Walton’s Amaranth, Unstitched, Quenton Baker’s Diglossic in the Second America, Reitha Pattison’s A Droll Kingdom, and Luke Roberts’ previously unpublished Sorbet.

Additional instances of radical poetic thought contained in Sundial [Compleat] but not first published by Punch Press include facsimile reproductions of Justin Katko’s Basic Middle Finger (Shit Valley 2015) and Economic Ophelia, a themed 2014 issue of the Cambridge-based journal Materials devoted to feminisms and edited by David Grundy and Lisa Jeschke. Also included in this volume is the dialog “Distinctions in Proximity,” an exchange between poets Quenton Baker and Alex Gallo-Brown first published online in the 2015 edition of Monarch Review.

Contributors to Sundial [Compleat] also include: David Brazil, Boyd Nielson, Lisa Jeschke, Nat Raha, Yosefa Raz, Ian Heames and Jonty Tiplady, Corina Copp, Luke Roberts, David Hadbawnik, Mitch Manning, Joe Luna, Michael Cross, Keston Sutherland, Christina Chalmers, Josh Stanley, Verity Spott, Lucy Benyon, Elana Chavez, Kathryn Griffiths, Rob Halpern, Jeremy Hardingham, Rosa Van Hensbergen, Evan Kennedy, Kevin Killian, Isolde Mayer, Nina Power, Hannah Proctor, Connie Scozzaro, Will Stuart, Marina Vishmidt, Cathy Wagner, Alli Warren, Naomi Weber, Ronaldo Wilson, Thom Donovan, and Danny Hayward. The volume closes with a substantial bibliography on twenty-first century radical anglophone poetry.

The journal Sundial first appeared in 2014 a serialized spin-off of Damn the Caesars which functioned as a magazine supplement to the Scrutiny Seminar Series organized by Richard Owens, Boyd Nielson and Joe Ramsey and conducted in four installments at the Center for Marxist Education, Cambridge, MA. Guest lecturers and readers included David Hadbawnik, Fanny Howe, David Grundy, Dan Remein, and Josh Stanley. David Hadbawnik’s “Jack Spicer and the English Department” and Josh Stanley’s “Immortality in Public” were first delivered as talks for the Scrutiny Seminar Series. For further information regarding the series see:

Right: “Dispersal Zone,” Justin Katko; “Holiday Poem,” Christina Chalmers.

7″ x 10″ perfect bound. 458 pages.