DTC VOL IV (2008)


Writing from Lisa Samuels • Alan Gilbert • Meg Foulkes • Stacy Szymaszek • Matvei Yankelevich • Hoa Nguyen • Simon Pettet • Aaron Lowinger • mIEKAL aND • Linda Russo • Tom Leonard • Peter Makin • C.J. Martin • Hugo Garcia Manríquez • Billy Mills • Richard Kostelanetz • Harry Gilonis • Erica Van Horn • Gerry Loose • Shin Yu Pai & Andrew Schelling • Catherine Walsh.

The Family • Kyle Schlesinger
with a foreword by Michael Cross

Michael Cross writes in his foreword, “A variation on Ted Greenwald’s In Your Dreams (a manuscript he was proofreading when the work began), Schlesinger’s practice is a wash, a kind of laundering of the violent content of the social through the aperture of a heuristic architecture that discovers and subsequently challenges in degrees.”