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Vol. N

Damn the Caesars, Vol. N


Michael Basinski & Ginny O'Brien • Chris Goode on Basinski • Keston Sutherland • Justin Katko • Emily Critchley • Luke Roberts • Francesca Lisette • Dale Smith • Geoffrey Gatza • Josh Stanley • Frances Kruk • David Hadbawnik • Lisa Forrest • Carrie Etter • Francis Crot • Rosa Alcalá


New writing and 6 full-color visual pieces from Allen Fisher followed by an extended consideration of Allen Fisher's work by Pierre Joris.


Dennis Tedlock revisits Alcheringa's relation to Language Writing.


The Papyrus of Ani translated by Steve McCaffery; writing from Egyptian poet Ahmed Abdel Muti Hijazi translated by Rick London and Omnia Amin.


"Proposal 22" by Allen Fisher.

Vol. 5

Damn the Caesars, Vol. V

Volume V of Damn the Caesars contains work by Roberto Tejada • Stephen Collis • Margaret Konkol • Scott Thurston • Kemeny Babineau • Alejandra Pizarnik translated by John Martone • Sean Bonney • Kaia Sand • Alan Halsey • Alessandro Porco • Geraldine Monk • Ammiel Alcalay • Jeffery Beam • William R. Howe

Some Things Said By and About Humans • Brenda Iijima
Aunt Sally • Tyrone Williams
Iijima & Williams : In Conversation

Cover art: "Baudelaire 13" (front cover) and "Baudelaire 2" (back cover) by Sean Bonney.

Vol. 4

Damn the Caesars, Vol. IV

Volume IV of Damn the Caesars contains work by Lisa Samuels • Alan Gilbert • Meg Foulkes • Stacy Szymaszek • Matvei Yankelevich • Hoa Nguyen • Simon Pettet • Aaron Lowinger • mIEKAL aND • Linda Russo • Tom Leonard • Peter Makin • C.J. Martin • Hugo Garcia Manríquez • Billy Mills • Richard Kostelanetz • Harry Gilonis • Erica Van Horn • Gerry Loose • Shin Yu Pai & Andrew Schelling • Catherine Walsh.

The Family • Kyle Schlesinger
with a foreword by Michael Cross

As Michael Cross writes in his foreword, "A variation on Ted Greenwald's In Your Dreams (a manuscript he was proofreading when the work began), Schlesinger's practice is a wash, a kind of laundering of the violent content of the social through the aperture of a heuristic architecture that discovers and subsequently challenges in degrees."

Vol. 3

Damn the Caesars, Vol. III

Volume III of Damn the Caesars contains work by Thomas Meyer • Steve McCaffery • Karen Mac Cormack • Dale Smith • Bill Griffiths • Stan Mir • Peter Finch • Thom Donovan • Sotère Torregian • Michael Kelleher • Rachel Levitsky • Jonathan Greene • Billy Childish • Richard Deming

Contemporary Korean poetry translated by Brother Anthony of Taizé, Lee Sang-Hwa, Lee Hyung-Jin and Yoo Hui-Sok

Poetry by Andrzej Bursa introduced by Kevin Christianson and translated by Christianson and Halina Ablomowicz

Vol. 2

Volume II of Damn the Caesars contains work by Christopher Middleton, Pierre Joris, Anamaría Crowe Serrano, David McGimpsey, Meredith Quartermain, Michael Basinski, Andrei Codrescu, Kit Robinson, Ben Bedard, Nathaniel Tarn, Peter Makin, Andrea Strudensky & Geoffrey Hlibchuk, Kyle Schlesinger, Stewart Home, Penny Rimbaud, Diane Di Prima, Alessandro Porco, Susan Briante, Jerome Rothenberg, Rick London, John Latta, Ethan Packin, David Hadbawnik, Christine Hume, Roger Snell, Peter O'Leary, Devin Johnston, Tom Pickard.

Cover art by Gee Vaucher. Artwork by James Lorubbio.

Vol. 1, Issue 4

Issue IV, Volume I of Damn the Caesars contains work by Bill Berkson, Fred Smith, Timothy Liu, Joel Bettridge, Janet Sutherland, Sotère Torregian, Leslie Davis, Dale Smith, Theodore Enslin, William Corbett, Jen Hofer, David Hadbawnik, Garret Kalleberg, John Phillips & Endwar.

This issue also features poems by Hans Thill translated from the German by Tony Frazer & poems by Mahmoud Darwish translated by Rick London & Omnia Amin.

Vol. 1, Issue 3

Andrew Schelling . Jerome Rothenberg . Kent Johnson . Richard Stremme . Jonathan Greene . Thurston Moore . Kristin Prevallet . Dale Smith . Joel Bettridge . Duncan McNaughton . TV Smith . John Moritz . Ruth Lepson . Roger Snell . Linh Dinh . Clayton Eshleman . Micah Ballard . Tony Tost

Mark Kuniya . Emma Featherwaite

RJ Oehler . Yasuhiro Esaki

Vol. 1, Issue 2

Roger Snell . Guy Birchard . Janet Sutherland . John Vieira . Clayton Eshleman . Amiri Baraka . Dale Smith . John Phillips . Robert Saxton . Attila the Stockbroker

Kent Johnson

MTC Cronin

RJ Oehler

Vol. 1, Issue 1

Clive Faust . Dale Smith . Bob Arnold . Jan Bender . William Owens . Richard Stremme

MTC Cronin . Scott Watson . Ken Knabb . Richard Owens

RJ Oehler . James Lorubbio

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